How to Meditate Properly with Buddhist Meditation

How to Meditate Properly

The idea of meditation is to know the mind’s true nature. Enlightenment is the realization of the mind’s true nature as well as achieving overall inner peace. According to Buddhists, the people who are not yet enlightened do not realize this. They are not aware of our mind’s true nature and are not able to achieve inner peace.

This is the reason why many have been so indulged in learning how to meditate properly today. Our fast-paced lifestyle and tight, hectic schedule can make us so stressed and tensed. Learning how to meditate properly with a Buddhist meditation can help a person gain more than an intellectual understanding of his mind’s power. You will be able to understand your whole being, realize how your surrounding works and how it affects you or you affecting it; you will be able to see the world at a different, and much clearer light, which leads to enlightenment and inner peace.

Guidelines on How to Meditate Properly

You will be able to harvest the benefits of meditation once you have learned how to meditate properly in the right posture. Here are several guidelines for you to remember when meditating.

How to meditate properly: Your body

  • Keep the back straight
  • Be comfortable and very relaxed. Don’t move too much.
  • Keep your head a little bent forward and straight
  • Eyes should be kept half-open (for beginners, it would be very tempting to look at things so they close them)
  • Shoulders should be relaxed and the hands can be put in one’s lap.
  • Legs can be in the full lotus but also simply crossed.
  • Do not breathe with the chest, but from the navel.

How to meditate properly: Your mind

  • Be relaxed but at the same time awake and attentive.
  • Be a careful observer of your own mind

Important Things you Should Remember on How to Meditate Properly

Expect that you will not be successful in meditating if you have no prior experience or proper training on how to meditate properly. However, with consistent practice and regular indulgence in meditation, you will slowly learn how to meditate properly and achieve the beauty of enlightenment.

For beginners, it is best to set a minimum time that you want to meditate first and try to stick to that before moving on to the next level. Be focused on what you are doing and always be motivated into reaching that goal. Most Buddhists start meditation with a prayer.

Try your hardest to clear your mind of everything inclusive of work, family, and other concerns even the surrounding itself. Try your best to not be distracted by what you feel hear or see. This is one of the reasons why it is important to meditate in a comfortable place. Your environment can heavily influence your ability to concentrate. You don’t want to be distracted of the heat or an uncomfortable cushion and etc.

Make sure that you practice meditation regularly to obtain maximum health benefits. Learning how to meditate properly can bring many wonders to your body, mind and soul.


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