How to Meditate for Beginners with Correct Posture

how to meditate for beginnershow to meditate for beginners

One of the key elements in starting to learn how to meditate for beginners is the correct posture. When practicing meditation, we should sit comfortably with a good posture. Keeping our backs straight is an important feature of a meditation posture. When starting to study how to meditate for beginners, it is necessary to learn the good sitting position and correct posture like that of Buddha Vairochana. But for beginners, this is not really required.

How to Meditate for Beginners

There are several meditation postures that those who are just starting to study meditation could use for learning how to meditate for beginners. Here are some of the popular meditation postures that can be used.

The Lotus Posture

This posture is said to be one of the most popular meditation posture that can be used in teaching how to meditate for beginners. But this posture in not for those who do not have flexible legs. In this posture, one must sit on the ground with your legs folded. The right foot should be resting on the left thigh and the left foot should be on the right thigh. It can be painful for inflexible people to do this kind of position that is why it is not recommended for them.

The Seiza Posture

This is also known as the kneeling posture in meditation. This would be a perfect meditation posture for those people who are having some problems in sitting with crossed legs. On a small cushion, you can simply sit on a cushion and put your knees against the floor. Without using any force to hold it, you must maintain your back straight at all times.

How to Meditate for Beginners: The Burmese Posture

In studying how to meditate for beginners, Burmese posture would be the perfect posture for them since it is very easy for most people. While sitting on the ground, all you have to do it to fold both legs. One leg would be having its heel pointed into your body but is placed on the ground while the other heel points to the other foot.

Selecting a good meditation technique would give the body with concentrating with the mind and keeping a good composure to be able to feel the stress being relieved. With a correct posture, studying how to meditate for beginners would be easier.

Knowing more about the proper posture in meditating would determine the span of time that you could spare during the process of meditation and learning on how focused you will become. Studying how to meditate for beginners, you should be able to know how one’s concentration is affected whenever a person is not in his most comfortable meditating posture. It is easier to learn meditating if you are in the right position.

You will keep your body and mind from unwanted distractions during meditation sessions through executing the posture fit for the activity. In this way, you will not have troubles concentrating with communicating with your inner self. In meditation, posture and concentration always go together.

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