How to Meditate for Beginners: A Step By Step Guide

how to meditate for beginners

Meditation originated fromIndia. This form of mental exercise has been performed for thousands of years. Today, it is very popular amongst celebrities, athletes, and public speakers for overall health and wellness improvement. Actually, it has become a trend for those who wanted to feel relaxed and reduce the stress and tension caused by work and our busy fast paced lifestyle.


Medical experts have long proven meditation and yoga’s amazing benefits to the human body as well as to the human mind, and soul. Meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress, normalize your breathing pattern, and achieve total peace. By learning how to meditate for beginners, you’ll be able to increase calmness and physical relaxation, enhance overall health and well-being.


Tips on How to Meditate for Beginners


Here are some tips to learn how to meditate for beginners:


Create a good environment – First step on how to meditate for beginners is to find a calm, serene environment or room wherein you won’t be distracted. This place should be secluded and quiet. Nobody should be able to interrupt you. Also, make sure that the lighting in that place or room is dimmer. Lighting a candle or burning incense is also advisable.


Stretching – Stretching is important for those who want to learn how to meditate for beginners. Follow a series of stretches before meditating particularly leg and back oriented stretches. This should lessen risk to injuries.


Cushion – There are plenty of mats and cushions on the market. You may also use a hard pillow or two pillows. The goal is to elevate your back above your feet. You must be able to keep a straight back.


Position – There are two ideal poses in learning how to meditate for beginners. The first is the “sage pose” or “half-lotus” wherein one foot is nestled into the cranny of the opposite thigh. Full lotus is the position wherein both feet are entangled and then resting on opposite thighs.


Meditation – Most yogis meditate for about 20 to 30 minutes. However, you may also extend to an hour if you feel like relaxing a little longer. It is ideal to set a timer just in case. Fold your hands on your lap or knuckles. Breath in and out and then close your eyes. Focus on your breathing and slowly clear your mind.


How to Meditate for Beginners


If you want to learn how to meditate for beginners, start with a serious course in meditation in a center or join a group first. This should allow you to experience the effect fully without the risk of health hazards. Inspite the numerous health benefits of meditation, it can cause serious adverse effects if not done correctly.


Before you begin on how to meditate properly, make sure you’re not hungry or tired. Always wear comfortable loose clothing all the time. Ensure that your seat is also comfortable to help you freely do the steps on how to meditate for beginners.


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